Ashland County Sheriff


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About Us

Mission Statement:

To provide quality law enforcement for all the residents in Ashland County in a caring, courteous, and professional manner.

About Us . . .

The Office of the Sheriff and Corrections in Ashland County is a growing organization that serves all the residents of Ashland County. Our mission statement states that we will ''provide quality law enforcement to all residents of Ashland County''. Our agency has many different functions; we operate a state-of-the-art full service jail with an inmate capacity of 127 inmates. Our enforcement division operates around the clock providing security for both residents and businesses and the common pleas court. Enforcement officers serve almost 2,800 criminal and civil process papers every year.

The detective bureau investigates and prepares all criminal cases. The civil division prepares all criminal and civil process paperwork. This division also maintains all agency personal and pay records. Our combined dispatch center provides emergency and non-emergency services to all enforcement and public safety agencies. This agency provides other services such as K-9, Bomb Squad, and Dive Team. The Ashland County Sheriff's Office has the reputation as a caring agency. Every employee of this great agency gives 110 percent effort each and every day.