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When you're struggling, whether it's with a relationship problem, concern about your children, or the loss of a loved one; you need help and support. You want to resolve the problem that's tearing you down emotionally and move forward with your life. That's where Cornerstone Counseling of Ashland can help.
You'll find a warm, friendly and highly experienced team of counselors available to help you recognize the problems that are holding you back, draining you of your emotional strength, and keeping you from building a full and rewarding life. Each of our staff is committed to their own spiritual growth as well as keeping current with advances in counseling and therapy. We'll do everything we can to help you resolve troubling issues, and give you the tools you and your family need to create the lives you desire.
Investing in Yourself Engaging in therapy demands a lot of both the counselor and the client. It is a financial commitment, a time commitment, and most of all a commitment to work hard together. It is our belief that entering therapy is like making an investment in your own well-being.
By dedicating yourself to the process, not only will you probably feel better and improve your ability to deal with the specific issues that brought you to therapy, but you're also likely to gain skills and resilience that you can draw upon when facing other challenges in the future. It takes courage to enter counseling. You are taking the first step toward your health and wholeness. Call today!