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About Us

DRM Productions was born in the basement of a small Mansfield home with an original investment of $50,000. Editing was done without a single computer in a room where you could barely stand because the ceiling was so low. And our sound booth was a small closet that was not made for the claustrophobic. Since then, we have outgrown four locations. Currently, our home is a 5800 square foot custom built facility in an industrial park near Mansfield Lahm Airport. DRM now produces digital video, web creation, hosting and optimization, DVD authoring, audio production, print design, graphic design, digital signage, animation and photography. We are a creative, fun, casual group of individuals who enjoy working with our clients.

Give us a call for your next project and see what we can do for you. Retriever Digital Signage System - Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing communication tools in America. Why? It is an effective communication tool in the age of digital media. The Retriever Digital Signage system designed by DRM Productions empowers everyone to use this medium by making it easy to control and affordable. The Retriever DS is designed to inform, entertain, advertise and advise. You control your system from any computer with an Internet connection. Use our design templates to create you signage or DRM Productions can help you customize your display to maximize the results. Finally, a system developed to use in small and large business application. Hospitality, Education, Health Care, Retail and Corporate environments find the Retriever DS a valuable resource that fits their need. And that's no doggy dodo. To find out more go to www.drmretriever.com.