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About Us The company started 21/2 years ago but not without a lot of help from family, friends and my husband. First, we had to come up with a name. The name actually came from my husband who said Enjoy pertains to everything I want my store to be. I want when people come in to Enjoy there visit also when they pick out a gift for themselves our for others I want them to Enjoy taking it home or giving it to someone else.

For me, my store is more than a place where people shop it's making people feel at home, offering them a cup of coffee and helping them put together a beautiful gift. With over 10 years of floral experience, I still utilize those skills today by adding flowers, birds and beautiful ribbon to their package. That's where the slogan came in ''where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary'' I take everyday things and turn them into a beautiful presentation.

God has blessed me with truly gifted artists that I also represent in my store. I offer one of a kind pieces that you can't find anywhere else. I hope that God continues to bless my business so I can be here along time helping people Enjoy their life and bring joy to others by giving beautiful gifts. I look forward to helping you with all your gift giving needs so sit back, take a deep breath and know I will put together something fabulous you will be proud to give!! Now go and ENJOY!! your day!