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WELCOME... Style, performance or price. Which are you willing to sacrifice? With Mansfield, you don't sacrifice anything. Our broad collection of residential and commercial products offer the beautiful design and reliable performance of high end brands, at more affordable prices. Mansfield lets you maintain your style, your standards and your budget without compromise.

ABOUT US... Mansfield Plumbing Products (MPP), founded in 1929, is the leading United States producer of top quality, high design, performance plumbing fixtures and fittings for use in residential, commercial and institutional markets. In 2004, MPP was purchased by Corona, the world's largest manufacturer of china, based in Colombia, South America. Its corporate office is located in Perrysville, Ohio. Utilizing highly automated production processes unique to the sanitary ware industry, MPP precision manufactures more than 1.8 million pieces per year at their Perrysville, Ohio plant alone. Two other plants also operate in the United States, one in Big Prairie, Ohio; and the other in Henderson, Texas.

With over 500 employees, the company is one of the largest domestic producers of sanitary ware, and is proud to stamp many of its products with Made in the US. To ensure the highest quality, stringent quality control standards and extensive testing is applied to every product made. Recognized for a strong commitment to service, quality and value, MPP is considered the Brand of Choice for professional plumbing contractors and consumers alike. The current line of products include: vitreous china toilets, lavator

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