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Mission & Vision Trinity has never adopted a ''set-in-stone'' mission statement, preferring to move as the Spirit leads and as the needs of the community dictate; however, built into our DNA as a congregation, are a number of core beliefs that tend to drive and direct all that we do here. They would include the following: 1. Worship is central to the life of our congregation. We try to speak different musical languages (i.e. Bach and Mozart, Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian) but gather around the same word and sacrament. 2. We feel all believers are given ''gifts'' and abilities from the Lord. We make a strong effort to help persons find and use those gifts. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to use your gifts here at Trinity and through Trinity in the community. There are virtually no ministries that ''only'' a Pastor or rostered leader can do. Martin Luther's ''Universal Priesthood of all Believers'' is lived out every day at Trinity. 3. We have decided that we need to be ''strength'' to other congregations. We do that through gifts of money and through our members who serve as musicians, preachers, and leaders in congregations around us. 4. We have discovered that it is ''fun'' to help community organizations and individuals. Once again, we do that through gifts of money to organizations and gifts of our members' time and talents. 5. We determined long ago that helping families with children is a calling. So we have a wide variety of after school children's programs, summer programs, and our Montessori Preschool.