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About Us

Vista Grandy Web Development is a boutique design agency specializing in website development, photography, video production, graphic art and social media marketing. After a career in enterprise-level website development and support, owner Tom Grandy has taken his corporate skills to the local level by building and supporting websites for Ashland-area small businesses at prices that are affordable.

If you have ever priced website design and development, you have discovered a wide range of prices, technical knowledge requirements, and technical support from other countries that can be frustrating at best. With Vista Grandy Web Development, you can be assured that the quality of our sites are outstanding as is our support since your support comes from our Ashland office, not from a foreign call center.

As a local company, we can ensure that you get the care and attention that you deserve regardless of your technical know-how. We work with you to ensure that what you envision for a website is what gets delivered and, further, train you to maintain the site in the future.

Having lived in Ashland for 30 years, Tom Grandy is established in the community and is here to stay and help our community grow.

Ashland has come a long way in the past few years and let's ensure that the rest of the country knows what we have to offer!