Water Tree Ohio aka Best Water Better Life LLP


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About Us

We sell alkaline water by the gallon and also systems. Water like it should be and you deserve. How is our water different:
• Highly purified-- which creates H2O microclusters (very small water molecules) that quickly hydrate at a cellular level.
• PH is alkaline naturally—The patented ceramic conversion process transforms water to an alkaline state while adding essential minerals and antioxidants. Diseases and cancer cannot survive in an alkaline PH. It is living water!
• Infused naturally with hydrogen and oxygen
• High in antioxidants, minerals and electrolytes

What are the benefits?
Improves Energy and Vitality; Reduces Aches, Pains and Stiffness; Enhances Immune System Function; Support Healthy Colon and Urinary Function; Improves circulation; Blood carries more oxygen; Muscles Produce more power; Physical Endurance improves; Muscles less likely to cramp; Enhances absorption of nutrition; More efficient removal of toxins; Improve Antioxidant protection; Reduce severity and frequency of headaches; Faster recovery from injury; surgery or illness