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Exclusive Chamber Member-Only Benefit Program Since 1991, Alternative Energy Source (AES) has been a trusted energy advisor.

As an Independent Broker, we are not aligned to anyone supplier or producer. Our focus is the customer; providing in-depth analysis and forward looking scenarios so the customer can make informed energy decisions. Our customers have come to realize that we truly work for them, not the supplier.

In today's global and ever changing energy marketplace, controlling energy cost is not an easy task. The dynamics have become extremely complex and difficult to predict. Energy companies that once dominated the industry are but a memory today. In this environment, having someone you know providing unbiased, straightforward, and trustworthy recommendation is critical to a successful energy management program.

Today's Market Deregulation has added a significant degree of complexity to securing natural gas and electric supply. Now add rising prices, increased price volatility and the negative financial impact; businesses now need an energy program that provides increased price protection. Since most consumers do not have the time, resources or desire to keep abreast of the ever changing energy industry, companies are turning to professional independent energy partners like Alternative Energy Source to manage their company's energy supply program.

Since 1991, Alternative energy Source has managed the energy requirements of hundreds of commercial and industrial companies. Energy Services we provide to our customers include:

Solicit pricing options from multiple suppliers.
Supply, Aggregation and Contract Management.
Develop and implement energy procurement strategies.
Negotiate supply