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Dear Friends,
Music is our first language. Music expresses the treasured essences of life- our loves, dreams, hopes, sadness, and joy. Music speaks the truth to our common humanity. So, with Music as our guide, I personally invite you to let the Music speak to you this season.
Hear the musical majesty of some of the world’s greatest composers- Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner. Dance to the energy of Gershwin and sing the unforgettable melodies of Andrew Lloyd Webber. This season has it all- symphonies, concertos, overtures, operas, and choral masterworks to take a mosaic of musical conversations to a masterful and harmonious whole.
We are your Ashland Symphony Orchestra: passionate about excellent music, committed to education, and dedicated to our community. Come let the Music speak to you.
See you at the symphony,
Arie Lipsky,
Music Director and Conductor